"A wish for fish - Introducing Community Supported Fisheries

A wish for fish

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This course is designed to introduce existing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members and/or producers to Community Supported Fisheries (CSF). The course will show how fisheries and their products can be integrated into a CSA program or a CSA basket. It also seeks to contextualise CSFs and their role in short food supply chains and introduce some of the guiding principles (and the overlap with CSA) that animate CSFs. The module will explore the practical realities (storage, legal requirements, distribution) of fisheries, and examine how CSAs can overcome these new challenges by establishing partnerships with local fishers.  

Week 1

Getting to Know CSFs 

  • Values supporting CSAs and CSFs
  • Seasonality in Marine and Agricultural Sustainability
  • Healthy Diets, Healthy Practices 


Week 2
Involving Fish and Fisheries in a CSA

  • Building partnerships with fishers 
  • Including a fish share in a CSA basket 
  • Fileting, preparing, and cooking fish 


Live Sessions:

Session 1
17th of May 2022

Session 2
24th of May 2022