How to use the Urgenci learning hub


Yes! When a course is not currently running within a cohort, the self-paced materials will be available on the Urgenci LMS. However, the learning experience is much richer within a cohort! If you are interested, please contact

Great! Navigate to the course you’d like to join by choosing it from one of our thematic houses (Agroecology, Advocacy, and so on) and following the instructions from the course page. You can write to for further information about timings and cohorts for courses.  

You can also join a course for just self-paced materials without a cohort.

No! The courses are free – either within a cohort group or if you want to undertake the course as merely with the self-paced materials.  

Urgenci is currently in the process of applying for accreditation from Erasmus+ Programme. We are committed to providing high-quality, dynamic, enriching, and engaging courses that help individuals make a positive impact in their respective communities. 

In most cases, yes! While you can access the course at any time and take at your own speed, please email if you wish to organise a custom cohort of learners to participate in a course.

Not at the moment. As the library of courses grows, however, it is possible that Urgenci will create programmes of learning by bundling courses together

Answer: Absolutely! We aim to make the barriers to access very low on these courses, and we are interested in enriching knowledge and skills without the traditional pressure of assessment-based courses. At the end, all participants will receive a certificate of achievement!  

Live sessions are synchronous, video conference calls with an entire cohort of learners. These will be scheduled when learners sign on to a course. Live Sessions will include: an array of activities, guest presenters, and discussion related to the self-paced content on the course. These are a great way to build a learner community within the course! 


Please visit Urgenci’s main site ( to find all resources not related to learning, training, and HUB themes.

We’d love to hear from you! The Urgenci Hub is designed to be a space not just for learning, but also for participation and sharing. To add resources, contribute a piece of culture from your community, or add a blog post on a recent experience or event, please email

Technical Issues

There could be a couple of issues. The course may not yet be completed and is only being advertised – in which case, stay tuned and it will be up soon! The course may also be under revision (based on cohort feedback). Our goal is to make clear if a course on the Hub is either under construction, under review, or otherwise unavailable. 

Anyone can get guest access to the LMS by simply signing up as a guest on the login screen. This is the simplest way to access. However, guest access only provides a limited view of the LMS and our courses. For fuller access, please follow the login procedures with your relevant details and explore everything the LMS has to offer!  

(One note: if you are part of a cohort, your course facilitator will auto-enrol you into the course and email you your credentials.) 

If you are enrolled in a course, you may need to wait for your facilitator to enrol you onto the LMS. Facilitators customise each cohort participant’s user profile. Please contact your facilitator if your course is scheduled to begin soon. Similarly, if you are in a course presently and do not yet have Zoom links for an upcoming live session, please contact your facilitator.

Great! We’d love to incorporate your materials – it’s what keeps the Hub participatory and dynamic. Please contact us at to let us know what you’ve got! 

Yes! We would love to share our courses with aligned movements, partners, and organisations. There are several ways to share the course. Urgenci can arrange to facilitate a full cohort with your organisation or we can share a subdomain of our LMS so that you can even brand your logo on an Urgenci course you’d like to run. Urgenci will soon also have a facilitation trainers guide making this process even smoother. Please get in touch at for more details. 

This either means we have not yet uploaded appropriately thematic resources or we do not have any! We’d love to hear from you if you want to contribute resources, materials, or artefacts related to any theme! 

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