Soil Fertility Presentation (Paola Cassiano)

Soil Fertility Presentation (Paola Cassiano)

By: Deafal

Paola Cassiano’s presentation showcases the best practices for building and sustaining the healthiest and most sustainable soil in the Mediterranean region. With a mix of composting, avoiding erosion (by non-selective grazing of herd animals and keyline design), enhancing plant biodiversity, and the right selection of crops, producers and farmers can sustain rich, productive, and sustainable soils.

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Deafal (European Delegation for Family Farming in Asia, Africa and Latin America) is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization born in 2000. Deafal operates in the rural development sector with the following goals:

  • Empowering the most vulnerable categories of society –particularly small scale farmers – in the global South as well as in the North in a logic of mutual cooperation South-South and South-North, besides the North-South one;
  • Acting in defence of environmental sustainability and biodiversity preservation in the South and North of the world;

  • Promoting food security and food sovereignty in the South and North of the world. 


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