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Community-based fisheries enhance the social, ecological, and cultural fabric of our coastal communities. At the heart of community-based fisheries are community-based fishermen who live and work in the communities where they fish. They are typically independent, owner-operators, and are inherently committed to the long-term health of the marine ecosystem. Seafood supply chains and policies should foster and strengthen community-based fisheries.

Community Supported Fisheries in Europe

Pleine Mer is an association that fights for more social and environmental justice in the fishing sector and on the coast. Pleine Mer brings together fish eaters, fishermen, scientists and activists who are collectively committed to more socially and environmentally sustainable fishing. The association promotes direct sales and short circuits thanks to digital tools, in order to support local fishing and fight against overfishing. The members of Pleine Mer also organise events and campaigns to alert people to the dangers of industrial fishing.

This map aims to give life to the “Local Fishing Network”, in other words, fishermen and fish eaters united for the right to a diet of locally caught seafood. It is also a participatory project, anyone can add information to the map! 

Thibaut Josse from “Pleine Mer” developed the map below in partnership with Urgenci.

Through the Erasmus+ project 2019-FR-01-KA204-062955 “Deck to Dish: Community-Supported Fisheries advanced training”

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Community Supported Fisheries courses

A Wish for Fish: Involving Fisheries in Your CSA

This course is designed to introduce existing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members and/or producers to Community Supported Fisheries (CSF). The course will show how fisheries and their food can be integrated into a CSA program or a CSA basket.


Fishing for Community: How to Transform Your Fishery into a CSF

This course invites fishers to learn about the principles, values, and benefits of community supported businesses. The course seeks to motivate local fishers to convert their businesses into CSF models by dynamically illustrating the transformative value of community-supported organisations.

See the Sea: Becoming Visible on the Digital CSF Network

This course seeks to help working Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) expand their reach and their visibility by introducing robust digital literacy into their organisation. This course explores why a digital presence for CSFs is so crucial and how they can get started making a pleasant, engaging, and attractive public facing profile for their organisations.

Building Schools: Creating and Strengthening CSF Networks

This course is designed for operators of Community Supported Fisheries who wish to build stronger and richer networks amongst themselves. The course will introduce CSFs and fishers to the value of peer-to-peer sharing and learning with the goal of motivating this type of engagement in the future.