Sense of belonging and commitment to a community-supported fishery. The case of Yeu Island, France

AbstractCommunity-supported agriculture/fisheries (CSA/CSF) create both market and non-market values, including environmental and social benefits. When shared by a com-munity of users, these values generate identity and sense of belonging for the memberswho are prone to accept conditions they would not bear in conventional markets (e.g.,higher prices, inconvenient delivery time and location, lack of choice, and […]

Small-Scale Fisheries Resource and Collaboration Hub

What is the SSF Hub? The Small-Scale Fisheries Resource and Collaboration Hub is an online, interactive, and multilingual platform for small-scale fishers, fish workers, and their communities and allies. It provides access to free tools and resources to strengthen small-scale fisheries governance and community development.

A Fish Story: Alaskans Own Community Supported Fishery

Alaskans Own is introducing you to the people who catch, process, cook, and connect you to delicious, wild-caught fish. Locally caught by small boat fishermen in & around Sitka, Alaska, Alaskans Own seafood isn’t just your regular CSF- your purchase goes directly towards programs that support the sustainability and viability of our fishing resources and […]

Pêche responsable. Le pari de William Macke

Passionné de pêche depuis toujours, William Macke la pratique depuis de longues années en mer d’Iroise en tant que plaisancier. L’année dernière, il a décidé de franchir le pas et de faire une demande de congé individuel de formation pour passer un certificat de patron pêcheur sur un bateau de moins de neuf mètres en […]

From Vegetable Box to Seafood Cooler

From Vegetable Box to Seafood Cooler: Applying the Community-Supported Agriculture Model to Fisheries Lisa M. Campbell , Noëlle Boucquey , Joshua Stoll , Henry Coppola & MartinD. Smith Community-supported fisheries (CSF) projects show signs of rapid growth. Modeled on community-supported agriculture (CSA) projects, CSFs share objectives of reducing social and physical distance between consumers and […]

Social FISHtancing – Community Supported Fisheries Podcast episode

  We have featured community-supported fisheries (or CSFs) frequently in this podcast, especially since this fisheries model has shown remarkable resilience in the wake of COVID19. In this episode, we welcome guest co-host Dr. Joshua Stoll from the University of Maine, who is also a co-founder of the Local Catch network. We talk with Josh […]