Agroecological Farming

Agroecology farming offers a sustainable approach, empowering family farms to address climate change and biodiversity loss. It emphasizes soil fertility management, efficient water use, crop diversity, and animal integration, promoting a healthier ecosystem and food security.


Webinar: Soil fertility and water management in the Mediterranean region

Webinar: How to manage CSA farms in the Mediterranean region


Our next stop was at Mirko’s and Sara’s cheesemaking farm in southwest Serbia. We took a mountain road near the Bosnian border to reach Mirko’s farm. This farm, established generations ago by his family, is located on the snowy outskirts of the village. Mirko is a self-trained, young cheesemaker who made many changes to his parents’ dairy farm.

After visiting Serbia’s countryside, we returned to Belgrade’s metropolitan area. Our next stop was at a regenerative garden, 45 minutes north of Belgrade. This garden is run by Demijan, a passionate practitioner of agroecology, who has turned a barren land into a lush peri-urban oasis that attracts visitors of all ages.