Learning & Sharing Agroecology

The Medcaravan – The Mediterranean Caravan: Learning and Sharing Agroecology glossary defines in alphabetical order the keywords used in the Best Guide to Collect Agroecological Knowledge (IO1) and the educational program Learning on MedAgro-ecology (IO3). Attached to each keyword are the references that support their definition. The glossary begins with the definition of agroecology co-constructed by the Medcaravan team.

The booklet Learning in MedAgroecology is intended as a support tool for the Ag-roCur4All curriculum. The contents are summaries of an introduction that can be expanded upon later. In each chapter, you will find the MedCaravan Toolbox: the links to all the materials the partners produced and support on contents. These contents are the local knowledge collected, spread, and valorised in all the partners’ activities; they enrich and are unique to this project and the research of the agroecological movement in the Mediterranean area.

Agroecology knowledge is applied around the world by farmers who take ecological principles in their agricultural production seriously, and by other food systems actors. It is especially important to collect traditional, nature-friendly practices before they disappear. Similarly, it is equally important to publish them in media accessible to those who need them in order to transfer this knowledge to future generations and to popularise them. Understanding this necessity, the MedCaravan team created the Best Practice Guide for Collecting Agroecological Knowledge which aims to help the efforts to collect and record agroecology knowledge in a proper way. This booklet carries the hope that agroecological practices, which provide solutions in many areas – from agriculture to art, from supply systems to community solidarity – will be widespread as a useful tool for the recovery of agroecosystem needs.